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A Game for Windows

9-Card Golf in playGolf9Card is a card game written in C#.  It currently on runs on Windows. (I've been testing on Windows XP Pro. and Windows Vista Home Premium x64)

Latest Version

Sun, Nov. 01 2009
Uploaded 1.2.0 - 5th version, game scoring updates, comp player updates, now installs and runs on Windows Vista and Vista-x64.


Golf9Card is currently available as a self extracting installer downloadable from the following page:  downloads.

Release Notes

A recent entry from the "Release Notes" page:

This is an early release of this game. I don't yet have TODO List, Credits, etc., but more is coming soon.

News of Releases, Bugs

I plan on having a mailing list for users of this program.  However, I do not yet have one, so simply click on the email link at the top of this page to compose and then send me email.


Download the self-extracting installer.  After you have it, then unzip it and run the executable to start the windows installer.

Should you wish to uninstall this game then simply use the "Add-Remove Programs" control-panel applet, select this game,  and press [Remove].


Once you have installed golf9card simply double-click on the new icon the installer deposited on your desktop.

For a first time walkthrough please visit the Getting Started page

Please bear with me as I get this installer whipped into shape.  In the future you will be allowed to choose where icons to this game are deposited. As my son Steve said to me the other day: "Dad, can you fix this? I hate installers that don't give me a choice about leaving an icon on the desktop".  (Guess who helps with my testing? ;-)


This game was taught to me by my parents on one of their latest visits.  About the same time, I needed to gain some experience with the C# language which is new to me, so I started this project.  You can visit the family rules page at their site: Heuchert Family Rules for 9Card Golf

I hope you enjoy this game.  -Stephen

Golf9Card game Copyright (c) 2009 Stephen M Moraco <stephen at moraco dot us>

Golf9Card website: copyright (c) 2009, by Stephen M Moraco.

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