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This page is written to be your first introduction to Golf, 9-Card for Windows.

Simply follow the instructions on this page to complete the install and to learn the basics of the game.  You should only need to do this once as the game is fairly simple and the one time through should point out all essential things to know.  After this you can explore menus in-game and gradually learn of the additional features you will find.

Download and install:

  1. Download the file to somewhere on your system
  2. Unzip the file to the same location (it unpacks the installer executable)
  3. Virus Scan the file (Always do this with any downloads, to be safe.)
  4. Run the installer executable.  It unpacks and runs a standard Windows Installer which will install your new game.

What's been installed?

  •  A Shortcut Icon  was left on your desktop. I'm still learning how to drive these tools so we have to put up with this extra icon until I can figure out how to make this an option.
  •  Menu entries were added to your [Start] button.
  •  The game files where installed under C:\Program Files\... (typically, if you let the installer choose the location)
  •  An Uninstaller, ready for use should you want to.  Simply select  [Start]->Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs...  to get to the game entry and to remove the program.

Run Game for the first time:

  1. Double-click on the game icon (two cards) now on your desktop.
  2. A window with a green background, entitled "9-Card Golf", will appear.
  3. Select Edit->Preferences...  in order to setup our player name (default is "Human Player" which isn't too flattering.
  4. In the "player List" click on the "Human Player" entry.  This enables the [Rename...] and [Delete] buttons.
  5. Click on [Rename...] and the Rename Player dialog appears.  Simply type in your name and press [OK].
  6. Now that your name appears in the list as the topmost entry, we are done here. Press [OK] to close the dialog.
  7. Now start your first game...

Starting a game

  1. Choose File->New Game... to bring up a dialog which allows you to chose the number of hands to be played in this new game.
  2. The choices are 9, 18, or any custom number starting at four hands.
  3. Once you choose, press [OK] and the cards will be dealt.
  4. The rules for 9-Card indicate that a player, when starting a new hand, must turn over three of their 9 cards in the layout in front of them.
  5. Click on any three cards to turn them face up.
  6. Notice that the status area (to bottom left of window) indicates what you should be doing next.
  7. To draw a card when it is your turn you click on either the stock or discard piles. The card moves up to the card-in-play area (top left)
  8. Next you select a location to place the card in your layout. This card will join the other card in play if it was face down.  If it was face up it is immediately discarded and the card you drew is placed in its location in the layout.
  9. When you are left with two cards in the card-in-play area you must discard one by clicking on it.
  10. This completes your turn. Now the computer player will take its turn.

Computer player: speed of play

By default the computer player takes about two seconds to make each part of its move.  This duration is adjustable from the Edit->Preferences... dialog on the [Customize] tab. Simply move the slider to faster or slower as you desire.

 Well this should get you started... please have fun with the game and by all means send me email to let me know what you think about the game. -Stephen


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