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This page contains a push-down history of release notes for each release of this game.

Sun, Nov. 01 2009 - Version 1.2.0

Temporary install form while we resolve self-extracting installer issues.
(Unpack then run the *.msi file to install!)
Game scores now show only current player not all players
Minor end-game fixes for better computer players (more to go)
See more info in release notes

Mon, Oct. 26 2009 - Version 1.1.0

Updated installer. Better install on Windows XP and now installs on Windows Vista
Now uses .NET application settings (more robust)
Added reminder on game score dialog

Sun, Jul. 23 2005 - Version 0.3.0

Many improvements to computer play, now a stronger player!
Initial computer card turnover now affected by skill level of the computer player
Player list editing cleaned up
Multiple hand play no longer loses cards from decks (Oops!)
Initial human player card interaction corrected
History panel now shows most recently completed game first

Wed, Oct. 13 2005 - Version 0.1.1

Removed extra dialog from installer
Fixed problem where game would lose focus during game play, causing user to have to click twice sometimes (the first to get its attention. Oops)

Wed, Oct. 12 2005 - Version 0.1.0

This is the very first release of this game. I plays well, keeps score well and the computer player does a few odd things during play.  Yep, the computer player needs work ;-)
I don't yet have Release Notes, TODO List, Credits, etc.


This is a list of additions I plan to make to this game:

Have ideas for more? Please send them to me by email (see address at bottom of this page).

  •  Awaken the player skill levels
  •  Add Network play. Initially two players, then, maybe, more?
  •  Improve the computer player decision making
  •  ...

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